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glfw3native.h File Reference


This is the header file of the native access functions. See Native access for more information.

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const char * glfwGetWin32Adapter (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the adapter device name of the specified monitor.
const char * glfwGetWin32Monitor (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the display device name of the specified monitor.
HWND glfwGetWin32Window (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the HWND of the specified window.
HGLRC glfwGetWGLContext (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the HGLRC of the specified window.
CGDirectDisplayID glfwGetCocoaMonitor (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the CGDirectDisplayID of the specified monitor.
id glfwGetCocoaWindow (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the NSWindow of the specified window.
id glfwGetCocoaView (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the NSView of the specified window.
id glfwGetNSGLContext (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the NSOpenGLContext of the specified window.
Display * glfwGetX11Display (void)
 Returns the Display used by GLFW.
RRCrtc glfwGetX11Adapter (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the RRCrtc of the specified monitor.
RROutput glfwGetX11Monitor (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the RROutput of the specified monitor.
Window glfwGetX11Window (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the Window of the specified window.
void glfwSetX11SelectionString (const char *string)
 Sets the current primary selection to the specified string.
const char * glfwGetX11SelectionString (void)
 Returns the contents of the current primary selection as a string.
GLXContext glfwGetGLXContext (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the GLXContext of the specified window.
GLXWindow glfwGetGLXWindow (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the GLXWindow of the specified window.
struct wl_display * glfwGetWaylandDisplay (void)
 Returns the struct wl_display* used by GLFW.
struct wl_output * glfwGetWaylandMonitor (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
 Returns the struct wl_output* of the specified monitor.
struct wl_surface * glfwGetWaylandWindow (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the main struct wl_surface* of the specified window.
EGLDisplay glfwGetEGLDisplay (void)
 Returns the EGLDisplay used by GLFW.
EGLContext glfwGetEGLContext (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the EGLContext of the specified window.
EGLSurface glfwGetEGLSurface (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the EGLSurface of the specified window.
int glfwGetOSMesaColorBuffer (GLFWwindow *window, int *width, int *height, int *format, void **buffer)
 Retrieves the color buffer associated with the specified window.
int glfwGetOSMesaDepthBuffer (GLFWwindow *window, int *width, int *height, int *bytesPerValue, void **buffer)
 Retrieves the depth buffer associated with the specified window.
OSMesaContext glfwGetOSMesaContext (GLFWwindow *window)
 Returns the OSMesaContext of the specified window.