The current version is 3.2.1, which was released on . See the version history for a list of changes.

Source package

This package contains the complete source code, CMake build files, documentation, examples and test programs. It is the recommended download for all platforms and offers the most control.

The latest version of the source code, including tags for all releases, is always available in our Git repository.

Windows pre-compiled binaries

These packages contain complete GLFW header file, documentation and release mode DLL and static library binaries for Visual C++ 2010 (32-bit only), Visual C++ 2012, Visual C++ 2013, Visual C++ 2015, MinGW (32-bit only) and MinGW-w64.

Linux and macOS binaries

Please download and compile the source package above. There is a guide for compiling GLFW in the documentation.

Some package systems, for example NuGet, MacPorts and Arch Linux include relatively up-to-date GLFW packages, but most sadly do not. If you intend to use a GLFW package, please verify that its version fits your needs.