The current version is 3.0.4, which was released on . See the version history for a list of changes.

Source package

This package contains the complete source code, CMake build files, documentation, examples and test programs. It is the recommended download for all platforms and offers the most control.

The latest version of the source code, including tags for all releases, is always available in our Git repository.

Windows pre-compiled binaries

These packages contain complete GLFW header file, documentation and release mode DLL and static library binaries for Visual C++ 2012, Visual C++ 2013 and MinGW / MinGW-w64.

Linux and OS X binaries

Please compile from source or (where available) use the binaries provided by your package system.


Bindings for other languages are created and maintained by the community and are not part of GLFW itself. Please let us know if any bindings are missing from the list below, even if a binding is already listed for that language.

AdaFelix Krause
C#Andy Korth
Common LispAlex Charlton
DMike Parker
GoCoşku Baş
HaskellBrian Lewis
JavaNathan Sweet
JuliaJay Weisskopf
NimrodErik Andersson
Node.jsMikaël Sévenier
PythonNicolas P. Rougier
RebolFrançois Jouen
RedFrançois Jouen
RubyNoel Cower
RustBrendan Zabarauskas
SchemeTomas Möre