Version 2.6 beta 1 released

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Well, it took a while (way too long, in fact), but the first beta of GLFW version 2.6 has been released. The upside is that despite being a beta, is stable enough to be a recommended upgrade for all users. It’s not finished, it’s not perfect, but it’s good.

Some of the highlights in version 2.6 are:

  • Support for fullscreen antialiasing
  • Support for non-resizable windows
  • An expanded and improved image and texturing API
  • Shared library, Universal binary and MinGW cross compiling build targets
  • Installation build targets for Mac OS X and other Unix-like systems
  • Much improved support for fullscreen windows on X11

Also note that this release obsoletes the AmigaOS and DOS platforms, due to non-existent community and maintainer interest.