Our Discourse forum is the best place for support questions and general discussions.

If you are on IRC, the channel #glfw on Libera.Chat can also help with support questions.

The library and documentation are developed in our main repository on GitHub. This is where to report a bug, request a feature or submit a pull request. Our contribution guide may be a useful resource to get started.

This site (except for the docs subdirectory) is developed in the website repository on GitHub. This is where to report bugs and mistakes on the site, request additions or removals of community projects, etc.


Bindings for other languages are created and maintained by the community and are not part of GLFW itself. Please let us know if one should be added or removed.

Language Maintainer Source
Ada Felix Krause OpenGLAda
Beef MineGame159 Glfw-Beef
C++ Cvelth VKFW
C# Eric Freed GLFW.NET
C# Andy Korth Pencil.Gaming
C# Ruben Labruyere Arqan
C# Damien Royer GlfwNet
C# Zachary Snow GLFWDotNet
Common Lisp Alex Charlton cl-glfw3
Crystal Michael Miller Espresso
Crystal Caleb Harrison LibGLFW
D Mike Parker bindbc-glfw
Dart Harry Stern dart-glfw
Delphi Erik van Bilsen DelphiGlfw
Duktape Laurent Zubiaur duk-glfw
Go Coşku Baş glfw
Haskell Brian Lewis GLFW-b
Java Nathan Sweet jglfw
Julia Jay Weisskopf GLFW.jl
Lua Stefano Trettel MoonGLFW
LuaJIT Oleg Dudka luajit-glfw
MATLAB Mark Cafaro matlab-glfw
.NET Victor P. R. Müller GLFW3.NET
Nim John Novak nim-glfw
Node.js Luis Blanco glfw-raub
Node.js Artem Kunets glfwJS
Node.js Mikaël Sévenier node-glfw
OCaml Sylvain Boilard GLFW-OCaml
Odin vassvik odin-glfw
Pascal Jorge Turiel GLFW
Perl Chris Marshall OpenGL::GLFW
PHP Mario Döring php-glfw
Python Florian Rhiem pyGLFW
Python Nicolas P. Rougier pyglfw
Rebol François Jouen glfw-rebol
Red François Jouen glfw-red
Red Oldes glfw
Rust Brendan Zabarauskas glfw-rs
Scheme Tomas Möre gambit-GLFW
Zig Stephen Gutekanst mach/glfw


There are a number of frameworks that include GLFW as a component. Here are some of them. Please let us know if one should be added or removed.

Name Language Source
Cinder C++ GitHub
Cocos2d-x C++, Lua GitHub
Emscripten C, C++ GitHub
Falcor C++ GitHub
libGDX Java GitHub
LWJGL Java GitHub
nCine C++ GitHub
NimGL Nim GitHub
openFrameworks C++ GitHub
Orx C, C++ GitHub
raylib C, C++ GitHub


While GLFW can be used directly from C++ and related languages, some prefer an object oriented interface. Please let us know if one should be added or removed.

Language Maintainer Source
C++ Jan Bielak GLFWPP
C++ Giorgio Marcias GLFWM
Ruby vaiorabbit ruby-opengl