Clipboard support


void glfwSetClipboardString (GLFWwindow *window, const char *string)
 Sets the clipboard to the specified string. More...
const char * glfwGetClipboardString (GLFWwindow *window)
 Retrieves the contents of the clipboard as a string. More...

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◆ glfwGetClipboardString()

const char* glfwGetClipboardString ( GLFWwindow window)

This function returns the contents of the system clipboard, if it contains or is convertible to a UTF-8 encoded string.

[in]windowThe window that will request the clipboard contents.
The contents of the clipboard as a UTF-8 encoded string, or NULL if an error occurred.
This function may only be called from the main thread.
The returned string is allocated and freed by GLFW. You should not free it yourself.
The returned string is valid only until the next call to glfwGetClipboardString or glfwSetClipboardString.
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◆ glfwSetClipboardString()

void glfwSetClipboardString ( GLFWwindow window,
const char *  string 

This function sets the system clipboard to the specified, UTF-8 encoded string. The string is copied before returning, so you don't have to retain it afterwards.

[in]windowThe window that will own the clipboard contents.
[in]stringA UTF-8 encoded string.
This function may only be called from the main thread.
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