Release notes

Release notes for version 3.4

New features in version 3.4

More standard cursors

GLFW now provides the standard cursor shapes GLFW_RESIZE_NWSE_CURSOR and GLFW_RESIZE_NESW_CURSOR for diagonal resizing, GLFW_RESIZE_ALL_CURSOR for omni-directional resizing and GLFW_NOT_ALLOWED_CURSOR for showing an action is not allowed.

Unlike the original set, these shapes may not be available everywhere and creation will then fail with the new GLFW_CURSOR_UNAVAILABLE error.

The cursors for horizontal and vertical resizing are now referred to as GLFW_RESIZE_EW_CURSOR and GLFW_RESIZE_NS_CURSOR, and the pointing hand cursor is now referred to as GLFW_POINTING_HAND_CURSOR. The older names are still available.

For more information see Standard cursor creation.

Support for keyboard access to Windows window menu

GLFW now provides the GLFW_WIN32_KEYBOARD_MENU window hint for enabling keyboard access to the window menu via the Alt+Space and Alt-and-then-Space shortcuts. This may be useful for more GUI-oriented applications.

Caveats for version 3.4

Tests and examples are disabled when built as a sub-project

GLFW now does not build the tests and examples when it is added as a subdirectory of another CMake project. To enable these, set the GLFW_BUILD_TESTS and GLFW_BUILD_EXAMPLES cache variables before adding the GLFW subdirectory.


CoreVideo dependency has been removed

GLFW no longer depends on the CoreVideo framework on macOS and it no longer needs to be specified during compilation or linking.

Deprecations in version 3.4

Removals in 3.4

New symbols in version 3.4

New functions in version 3.4

New types in version 3.4

New constants in version 3.4

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