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Data Fields
GLFWallocator Struct Reference

Custom heap memory allocator. More...

Data Fields

GLFWallocatefun allocate
GLFWreallocatefun reallocate
GLFWdeallocatefun deallocate
void * user

Detailed Description

This describes a custom heap memory allocator for GLFW. To set an allocator, pass it to glfwInitAllocator before initializing the library.

See also
Custom heap memory allocator
Added in version 3.4.

Field Documentation

◆ allocate

GLFWallocatefun GLFWallocator::allocate

The memory allocation function. See GLFWallocatefun for details about allocation function.

◆ reallocate

GLFWreallocatefun GLFWallocator::reallocate

The memory reallocation function. See GLFWreallocatefun for details about reallocation function.

◆ deallocate

GLFWdeallocatefun GLFWallocator::deallocate

The memory deallocation function. See GLFWdeallocatefun for details about deallocation function.

◆ user

void* GLFWallocator::user

The user pointer for this custom allocator. This value will be passed to the allocator functions.

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